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Grant has worked with senior leaders in many of our country's largest and most respected organisations. As a business consultant and employee he's been trusted to work with them on major projects, strategies and transformations. 

These organisations include Air New Zealand, Fonterra, Frucor Suntory, Ports of Auckland, Watercare, Southern Cross Healthcare, DB Breweries, Genesis Energy, HP, Indevin wines, and Fletcher Wood Panels. 

IT strategy Air New Zealand

“I think developing the IT strategy has been a hugely beneficial exercise for Air NZ. It’s a strong base that we can build from.

I needed a mentor to show me what the process is – it felt to me like one of those topics that you could get absolutely lost in. I had an open mind in terms of how to approach the organisation and structure a strategic programme. For me the value-add of having FurleyDigital there was helping me not get stuck.

The number one benefit was a structured approach to business engagement. You bought a methodology that was able to map our organisation in terms of business function, structure our engagement with them and provide specific detail around domains. The structure around plans, current state and future state worked well for me.

Secondly but also very important is a clearly stated direction of travel for technology domains. Historically that has been fragmented, existed in people’s minds or in various silos but what we’ve done is gone out across the board and said these are our plans. Probably the most important consideration here was involving the people that are actually doing it and getting them owning strategy formulation. “

- Corran Roberts, Head of IT Strategy, Group IT, Air New Zealand

IT Annual - Ports of Auckland

"For me producing the IT Annual Report has brought into focus our achievements over the year. Often for IT it is: job done, get on to the next one, job done, get on to the next one. Undertaking an annual review puts the whole year into focus, and having someone else shine a light on the year brings some different perspectives.

Before we started I could see this was something new, something fresh, a different take on things.  I could see it will give us a bit of a kick-start in the right direction to increase employee engagement.
I was pleasantly surprised at how much FurleyDigital were actually able to take on without my personal direct involvement. I was expecting that I was going to be heavily involved in writing some of the stories and in editing them. It wasn’t like that at all, and that was fantastic. It’s that fresh perspective on things. As a CIO you always feel that there has to be so much coming from you. It's nice to have a fresh perception about an area for which you are accountable, coming from someone who looks at it in a positive light.

To me a major benefit is the celebration of the team's achievements. I’m hoping that people involved recognise that they are valued and that their contribution is valued. It will help in terms of the professional image of the IT organisation, which I think is quite important. In a recruitment market that is hotting up, people coming to our organisation can look at the IT Annual Report and say: "this is an organisation that I want to be with. I want that name on my business card. They are doing things right, celebrating success, presenting themselves in a professional way."

I think we’ve ended up with a very professional outcome, one that looks like a professional magazine. One of the comments I had from someone in HR was "interesting that Johann is on the cover of a magazine" - she didn’t realise it was one of our own.

I think this is a good package. You've got the framework, the tools, and you bring with it an innate capability to bring things together quickly, grasp situations, and write about them in a way that is consumable. I'd recommend working with FurleyDigital to create an IT Annual Report. I’m talking to other people about this already."

- Pieter Bakker, General Manager-IT and Project Office, Ports of Auckland

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