IT Economics

IT Economics

Are we getting the best business value from our IT spend?

FurleyDigital has developed the concept of IT Economics to study and improve how business allocates limited IT resources and services.  We find that many business leaders do not fully understand how IT spend is controlled or what they get for their money, and they do not appreciate (or perhaps agree with) the trade-offs that have to be made. We’ve developed IT Economics to answer these questions and to help leaders assess the level of business value that IT provides.

FurleyDigital Solutions

IT Value can be improved by running IT more efficiently or effectively, but it may be also that you need to better communicate the value already provided.

Our solutions for communicating value include:

  • IT Value Proposition – Set clear expectations of what IT does for the business and how it is better than other alternatives.
  • FlitePlan IT Strategic Planning – Set direction and priorities for IT activities to align with business plans and trends.
  • IT Communications Plan – Understand the needs of IT stakeholders, develop and execute a series of targeted communication activities.
  • IT Annual Report – Review IT achievements and highlight plans for the future in a format designed to maximise stakeholder engagement.

Our solutions for improving value include:

  • IT Economics Opportunity Assessment – find areas where alternate commercial models might better suit your IT and your business
  • IT Maturity Assessment – compare your IT capabilities with industry maturity models and identify areas for improvement
  • IT Service Budget – use a service-based budgeting process to highlight the costs and trade-offs in budget planning rounds

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