Evaluation – Are you getting value from IT?

Evaluation – Are you getting value from IT?

FurleyDigital’s evaluation services independently assess and diagnose IT functions using established methods and frameworks that get results quickly. IT leaders can keep control, take action early and avoid surprises.

You know you need a hand

There are many occasions when you may need to look more closely at some aspect of your IT function: When you suspect or know there is an issue. When you are new to a role and need to become effective quickly. When you need hard facts to make the case for change. When you need to be able to explain to others the current state of affairs.

FurleyDigital is independent, tried and true

Whatever the need, if you are like most IT leaders you just don’t have the time to delve deeply into a review and would prefer an independent party to do this for you. FurleyDigital are very experienced at undertaking evaluations. FurleyDigital have developed frameworks and methodologies that are proven in use with other clients and are not biased to any particular technology or vendor. This means we can tackle evaluations efficiently and produce quality results that you can action quickly. 

FurleyDigital’s unique methodologies cover most aspects of IT

Our IT evaluation services include the current state of:

  • The complete IT function: we produce an IT Function Heat Map using our IT Function Map and Capability Maturity Model
  • Line of Business Applications: we create a LOB Heat Map which highlights the extent of work required to simplify and modernise LOB apps
  • Customer Sentiment: our Heartbeat tools provide quick and easy ways to get feedback on the value that IT provides users and Key Decision Makers
  • IT team engagement: our Pulse tool measures engagement for organisations without existing processes
  • IT spend: Our IT Economics tool provides an impartial view of the way IT generates value for your organisation and potentially compare it to others.
  • Project Management: we review your project management standards, capabilities and performance using our LaunchPad Project Management Framework
  • And many more ….

You can find out more about about some of these by clicking the links above or by selecting items from the menu. However because there are literally hundreds of aspects of the IT function that we can evaluate we recommend that you contact us here at FurleyDigital to discuss your specific needs and timetable.