The IT Annual Report: celebrating IT value in business terms

The IT Annual Report: celebrating IT value in business terms

FurleyDigital will help you to create a powerful IT Annual Report that effectively demonstrates the value of the IT function to stakeholders and strengthens alignment between business and IT. Our approach streamlines the process, and leverages our experience and knowledge of best practice.

Four reasons why you must prepare an IT Annual Report

Once a year every IT team should invest in preparing a report for its stakeholders showing what has been achieved, linking IT to business strategy and outlining the future direction. The benefits are significant:

1. Shows the rest of the business the true value of IT.

  • Demonstrates the business value of IT to stakeholders
  • Showcases & celebrates achievements
  • Highlights investment priorities and direction
  • Provides hard evidence of value – details the metrics
  • Links IT activity to business strategy
  • Helps support budget requests

2. Reinforces your ongoing communication plan

  • Provides a key cornerstone for ongoing conversation
  • Provides an opportunity to step back and look at progress over the whole year
  • Summarises monthly activity and puts it into perspective

3. Boosts IT performance

  • Boosts employee morale – they get a real buzz from seeing themselves in the Annual Report and sharing this with family and friends
  • Helps with your IT planning for future, gathers data and material that help with current state for your strategy
  • Useful for employee reviews because it showcases achievements
  • Provides very useful information for prospective employees and helps introduce the culture and team
  • Attracts and helps retain contractors and third-party vendors

4. Keeps IT up with best business practice

  • IT Annual Reports are becoming more commonplace as IT leaders appreciate the value that they bring
  • Leading organisations do them (for example Intel)
  • Business consulting firms like McKinsey & Company recommend them too

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