Business Relationship Management for IT

Business Relationship Management for IT

Business Relationship Management for IT is a systematic approach for IT leaders to identify, connect, engage, and sustain business relationships. It is proven to increase engagement, satisfaction and trust in IT, unlike the informal and unplanned interactions typically found in many organisations.

IT leaders find Business Relationship Management a challenge

Many IT leaders recognise the symptoms of business relationship issues – negative conversations, restricted access to executives, exclusion from decisions impacting IT and constant funding and budget pressures. The challenge for many IT leaders is that they don’t have the experience or the time to develop a structured approach to strengthen their key relationships. As a result much of this activity is informal and less effective than it could be. IT leaders need to develop a pro-active, purposeful and consistent approach to the way they connect and engage with their business colleagues.

Our solution is systematic, proven and designed for IT

Business Relationship Management for IT is a systematic programme developed by experienced account managers and sales professionals. It is designed specifically for IT leaders and has been proven and refined in major organisations. BRM for IT is based on tools and techniques that are easy to learn and use. It is tailored to the specific needs of corporate IT functions. The programme includes:

  • Identifying Key Decision Makers and networks
  • Assigning relationship responsibilities to the right people
  • Evaluating relationship quality from the perspectives of the business (Voice of Customer) and IT (Relationship Assessment)
  • Developing relationship strategy and call plans
  • Tools and approaches to deal with specific roles – including gatekeepers
  • Advice on running effective update meetings
  • Developing and implementing IT communication plans
  • Sharing knowledge on how to best get value from IT
  • Developing shared goals using the A4 Strategic Planning process
  • Sharing insights and updates with the broader IT team

The benefits are wide-reaching

As a result of successfully implementing Business Relationship Management clients can expect such benefits as:

  • Closer engagement with the business, earlier involvement in IT-related activities, and greater participation in business decisions
  • Increased satisfaction with IT
  • Increased chance of project success
  • Greater focus on business value rather than IT operational matters
  • Less pressure on budget and cost reduction
  • Increased employee satisfaction levels

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