LaunchPad Project Management Framework

LaunchPad Project Management Framework

Launchpad is a Project Management Framework designed to increase the likelihood of project success. It was developed to complement existing standards and reinforce the importance of the initial feasibility and business case phases and the need for strong business sponsorship.

Problem: How can we improve the likelihood of project success?

There are many examples of projects that have gone wrong – ones that have either taken longer or cost more than expected, or failed to deliver the benefits promised. Others are abandoned altogether. Whatever the situation, project issues cost business millions of dollars every year.

Avoiding these issues is a matter of choosing the right projects to undertake in the first place, then doing them in the right manner. Sounds simple, but in practice it can be difficult.

Solution: LaunchPad Project Management Framework

Businesses can find a whole industry of Project Management organisations with standards and solutions to address these issues and train Project Managers. But in our experience most business people don’t want to become Project Managers – they just need to understand the key essentials of a project, have a kit bag of tools that everyone can use, and all speak the same project language. Which is why we developed the LaunchPad Project Management Framework.

LaunchPad is:

  • A framework that can be used and adapted as appropriate for specific circumstances or organisational preferences
  • A common agreed language, based on standard industry PM terminology
  • A simple six-phase process with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Based on an approach that emphasizes effort in the early feasibility  and business case phases to maximise the chances of later delivery success.

LaunchPad isn’t:

  • A formal ISO standard, detailed methodology
  • A training course for Project Management
  • A substitute for experience
  • A framework that can work without senior management commitment

LaunchPad includes:

  • Framework introductory material
  • A set of standard document templates and spreadsheets that make it easy to run a project, and provide a way of doing things that everyone can understand and come to expect for every project. These are easily customised for a specific organisation
  • A guide for Project Managers designed to induct newcomers into the language and the ways that things work in an organisation using LaunchPad
  • A guide for Sponsors that helps them understand the importance of their role and of good project governance.
  • Guidance and consulting support, including “lead-by-example” PMs.

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