The IT Value Proposition: articulating IT’s contribution

The IT Value Proposition: articulating IT’s contribution

What is an IT Value Proposition?

The IT Value Proposition is a key component of FurleyDigital’s approach to helping business value IT.

An IT Value Proposition (ITVP) is a clear, concise statement included in the Strategic Plan that addresses the:

  • role of IT
  • scope of IT services
  • value of IT to the organisation

and helps identify the focus areas that will be of most value in the future.

Why do organisations need an ITVP?

One of the challenges facing corporate IT in these times of outsourcing and downsizing is proving that it has real value to the organisation. By clearly and concisely stating the value that IT provides (to whom), we address the key question “Why should I get services from you, rather than other providers?” The ITVP also answers questions like:

  • “What does IT do, and where does it fit in the organisation?”
  • “Is it a Shared Service, a Centre of Excellence, a Governance function or a mix of all of these?”
  • “What services should IT have as strengths and make sure that it maintains as an advantage?”
  • “What services should be provided by IT? What capabilities are valued and kept in-house, and what can be better provided by others?”
  • “How can IT address the growth of ‘shadow IT’?”
  • “How does IT change the discussion from cost incurred to value provided?”

The IT Value Proposition is intended to answer these questions, making explicit what has perhaps previously been implicit, and clearing up any possible misunderstandings about what to expect from IT. The process of developing the ITVP provokes thought on where IT might add more value and helps develop a vision for IT in future. Without answering these questions it is not possible to develop a coherent IT strategy. To find out more contact us or download our service brochure from this link.