Introducing Grant Furley

Introducing Grant Furley

Grant Furley is on a crusade to transform your corporate IT into a department that empowers and delights people. Grant helps business leaders build confidence in their IT function and win over critics by delivering greater value.

Well-known companies have enthusiastically adopted Grant’s techniques. Air New Zealand is charging ahead in a clear direction after using his methodology to develop their IT strategic plan. Fonterra committed to his IT Annual Report approach when they witnessed how it improves engagement and Frucor Beverages is experiencing more project success after introducing Grant’s Project Management Framework. Grant has also worked with HP, KPMG, Vodafone and many others.

Grant’s armoury of practical, easy-to-use tools and techniques has been forged from more than 25 years as a business-development manager, consultant and thought-leader. Grant has built IT teams, launched consulting practices, and lead major change projects with great success.

Grant’s passion stems from his belief in technology’s potential to enhance your life and in Information Technology’s role in adding value to your organisation. Case in point: He relishes managers’ delight when they realize that IT is truly committed to helping them in their jobs. He wants both sides of the IT function -customers and practitioners- to feel that too.

If your organisation could benefit from a better IT function email Grant at [email protected]