FlitePlan: IT Strategic Planning Methodology

FlitePlan: IT Strategic Planning Methodology

FlitePlan is the only IT strategic planning methodology designed specifically to address the needs of corporate IT leaders for a comprehensive approach that is easy to use and doesn’t take a long time to implement. Unlike others FlitePlan covers the whole IT Function (not just technology) and is designed to support business strategy and improve the value of IT.

Having difficulty with the time and approach to IT Strategic Planning?

As an IT leader chances are that you already have a strategy, although perhaps not in a form that is widely communicated or against which progress can be easily reported.

Every IT leader needs some basis on which to make decisions and set priorities. You may not have a clear idea of where these choices will take your IT but even if you can’t specify an exact destination, you need a sense of direction and a view of the next few steps on the roadmap. And you need to formulate an approach to those steps that takes into account the prevailing conditions and expected challenges. In other words to make decisions you need a strategy.

But chances are also high that you have not committed your thoughts to paper or worked through any formal analysis of your situation and options.

This may be because preparing an IT strategy (sometimes called an IS Strategic Plan or ISSP) can seem a daunting task. It isn’t always clear what is expected, how to go about it or how you are going to find all the time needed. That’s without even considering the likelihood that your organisation hasn’t got a clear strategy itself to guide you, and that there are no black and white rules on what makes an effective strategy or how to develop one.

Our FlitePlan IT Strategic Planning process is specifically designed for IT leaders

FurleyDigital have developed “FlitePlan” – an IT Strategic Planning process that is simple, robust and proven with major companies. Based on leading thinking on strategy and business planning, the methodology is designed to support business strategy, rather than duplicate it.  With FlitePlan material and our guidance we’ll jointly complete your first Strategic Plan, then you will be able to easily maintain and refresh it whenever you want.

FlitePlan is:

Specifically designed for IT functions:

  • Links and aligns with business strategy
  • Copes with implicit business strategy when there is no explicit one
  • Provides a common language and way of looking at IT, based on a IT function model
  • Spans across all IT functions, comprehensively covering IT governance, processes and people as well as technology
  • Includes development of an IT Value Proposition

Quick and effective to use:

  • Comes with IT material, tools & frameworks
  • Gives you a head start for your SWOT analysis
  • Built on functional capability maturity, rather than Strengths or Weaknesses, which we believe is a better way of assessing yourself
  • Assessments based industry-standard models where possible which enables an easier and a more impartial assessment process
  • Includes material designed to challenge and opens up thinking on Opportunities & Threats

Action focused

  • Produces roadmaps that drive action
  • Includes workshops to develop initiatives and actions and to agree short, medium and long term programmes of work
  • Designed to foster accountability and link actions with progress reporting

Designed to improve IT engagement

  • Developed in a collaborative manner – done with you, not to you
  • Supports closer ties with the rest of the business
  • Designed for communicating & engagement
  • Comes with a communications plan
  • Supports simple, memorable messages that engage stakeholders

 Designed to become part of the way you work

  • Designed to make strategic planning is embedded into your annual business cycle
  • Designed so that business and IT people can use themselves, rather than rely on expensive specialists.

You’ll benefit in many ways

As a result of using FlitePlan IT leaders have robust strategic plans that are:

  • quickly and simply created involving your own teams
  • comprehensive, logical and clear
  • understood by the rest of the business
  • supported and actioned by the IT team
  • providing clear decision criteria and guidelines
  • simply and quickly updated
  • regularly refreshed

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