Why I established FurleyDigital

I established FurleyDigital to help IT leaders get the recognition they deserve

Recently there have been a number of high profile organisations eliminating the CIO role, and relegating IT to a support function under a CFO or COO. It appears that senior leadership doesn’t appreciate the value of IT or its potential to make a real difference to their businesses.

I fear this is the outlook for many leaders in IT if they don’t lift their game. As IT leaders they must ask themselves, are they :

  • sitting at the top table, and involved in major business projects right from the start. Are they helping shape the strategy and solution so that the organisation gets the most benefit? Or do they only find out at the last minute when the project team suddenly realize that IT should be consulted?
  • getting the budget they need? Or is IT always under cost constraints, while other departments seem to be able to get the money they need without any trouble?
  • staying ahead of technology? Is the organisation using the latest versions of desktop software, or instead do users complain that they have a better set-up on their  computers at home?

Many IT leaders who experience these sorts of challenges find the situation very frustrating.  In my experience most IT leaders work hard, in a very demanding role, and achieve some amazing things. They know that IT can deliver real value, but how do they show this?

  • How do you make a real contribution to the success of your organisation, AND be recognised for it?
  • How do you align business and IT so that it is not “us and them”, but “we”?

Find an answer here

That’s why I established FurleyDigital. Our proven tools and techniques help IT to become more valued, influential and closer aligned to the business.

Our solutions are built on over 20 years in IT management, project management, marketing and business development, and from experiencing these problems firsthand. After I established and lead the IT engagement function for a global organisation, I founded FurleyDigital to expand on this work and to continue to innovate in this field.

This website is a treasure trove for IT leaders

Here on our website you’ll find plenty of useful ideas, along with information on the tools and techniques that we use for business engagement, planning and for communicating value. Have a look through the menu to find more about these tools.

Please make comments, participate in the discussion and take full advantage of all that we provide. And for more information please contact Grant Furley on +64 21 948 079 or email [email protected]